Did you ever ask why credit management is not done in your company?

Is credit risk evaluation something that is done by credit insurance companies only?

Is trade finance risk mitigation important for large corporations, or is it valid for small and medium size entities (SME) as well?

How can risk mitigation be done with small budget and using a FinTech Robo-Advisor?

Is this valid for supplier risk evaluation too?

Can all companies implement such a best practice credit management process and being certified by the Association of Credit Management Switzerland?

Do you think that a valuation of your company costs too much?

Do you think that a due diligence of the company you intend to acquire is too expensive?

Do you think that the shares or stocks that you want to buy are overvalued?

Emerald Rating can answer all these questions for you. Ask us or use the automated credit risk solutions directly on this website. We also have made an automated upload functionality available for you. Just scroll up again and select the product platform that you need. We are a FinTech award winner in the jurisdiction of Robotics Process Automation (RPA). This is part of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

You are part of the 4th Industrial Revolution.