One-time Setup Activities

  1. If not done yet, download and install webbrowser Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
  2. Download and install UI.Vision RPA for Chrome or Firefox depending on the decision you made in step 1
  3. Activate UI.Vision RPA in your browser

Macro Booster Activities

  1. Download and extract B2B Customer Risk Input ZIP compressed file
  2. Open B2B Customer Risk Input Excel template (macro enabled XLSM format)
  3. Enter balance sheet and profit & loss statement information that you intend to evaluate
  4. Generate CSV file on your desktop by pressing the ‘CSV to Desktop’ button
  5. Go to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and open UI.Vision RPA by clicking the symbol in the right upper corner (Step 1 in picture)
  6. Import and select Java Script B2B Customer Risk Input from ZIP file that you downloaded in bullet point 1 (Step 2 in picture)
  7. Select CSV tab (Step 3 in picture)
  8. Click ‘Import CSV’ and pickup the file from your desktop (Step 4 in picture)
  9. Select ‘Play Macro’ and wait until the macro has entered the balance sheet and profit & loss statement data in your webbrowser (Step 5 in picture)
  10. Proceed with residual input in your browser