What is the Credit Guide App?

If a salesperson (account manager) goes to a customers visit, the credit manager might not be able to participate in these meetings in every case. In order to agree on a deal, the account manager might run into a conflicting situation by making a decision that he is not authorized to.

If he would have a tool on hand that is indicating the credit manager’s mindset, the account manager could discuss the deal with a high likelihood of settlement.

Back at the desk, the account manager and credit manager can review the information in more detail.

In 99% of the cases, the agreement will become active as discussed with the customer before already.


How can I get the Credit Guide App?

The Credit Guide App is free. You can download the Android App directly from our website below.

Alternatively, to use the Excel App you need Microsoft Excel. You can download the latest Microsoft Excel App from Play Store or App Store. After having installed Microsoft Excel, download the Credit Guide App here on our website below.