“The revolution in credit management!” – Customer Financial Service Leader of a Multinational Giant

Do you want to evaluate if your customer is financially strong enough to pay your invoices?


Push the ‘Start’ button and enter balance sheet and profit-loss statement data for the most recent two years.

Outcome is a credit risk scoring that gives you insides of your customer’s liquidity, profitability, and financial leverage. It also contains explanations to all key performance indicators. Having this on hand you can consult your customer on where to improve.

Product Description:

Are you in doubt that all your customers will survive, but you don’t know, which one it is?

  • Start with the largest one
  • Ask for their financial statements of last year
  • Enter it into Emerald Rating’s credit scoring calculator

It will tell you about your customer’s financial viability at your fingertips:

Leverage Score

  • Financial Leverage
  • Dynamic Financial Leverage

Liquidity Score

  • Interest Coverage
  • Operating Cash Flow to Current Liabilities Ratio
  • Current Ratio
  • Quick Ratio

Profitability Score

  • Operating Profit Margin
  • Return on Assets

Environment Risk Evaluation

  • Country Risk
  • Industry Risk
  • Organization Type
  • Years in Business
  • Geographic Coverage
  • Business Diversification

Risk Conclusion

maximum Credit Limit

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