Value Preposition

  • Transparent credit scoring calculator, including performance indicator visibility and explanations
  • Intuitive financial performance improvement (liquidity, financial leverage , profitability)
  • Anonymous data entry with disconnected payment process
  • Efficiency gain by letting the customer entering the data
  • Industry proven credit scoring model and process (reduced bad debt risk, increased likelihood for better financing rates at your bank)



Back in 2015 the book ‘Credit Risk Management – Code of Best Practice’ has been published in German. It was lounged in English two years later. It describes how to setup a state of the art credit management in a company. It includes a standard credit policy and procedures, standard agreements, key performance indicators, credit risk scoring models, reporting instruments, sources of information, and definitions. The book is the standard teaching book of the Association of Credit Management Switzerland (, and recognized as one of the standard books globally.

The book describes a credit risk scoring model in particular, which is the fundamental basis for the scoring model used by Emerald Rating. The idea now from an efficiency gain perspective is to let the business partner who is requesting a credit limit for being served by its supplier or receiving money from a lender, entering the financial information into this model without entering the name and address of the company.

The output together with the financial statement information is then given to the supplier’s/ lender’s credit decision maker for review of correctness and finally making the credit decision.