About Us

Emerald Rating is a Robo-Advisor that combines Swiss financial excellence, a state-of-the-art credit rating methodology and decades of B2B experience

Our Value Proposition


Gain efficiency and save cost by accelerating business processes within your value chain


credit scoring calculator including performance indicator visbility and explanations


financial performance improvement (liquidity, financial leverage, profitability)


information through anonymous data entry with disconnected payment process

Industry Proven

scoring model platforms and processes (reduced bad debt risk, increased likelihood for better financing rates at your bank)

Stand-Alone/ Plug-In

Choose your way to integrate it in your process

Top Recognition

In 2019, Emerald Rating was the winner of the India Technology Award by Code Studio in recognition of our innovative technology platform for FinTech services. Code Studio is a landmark in recognising significant business transformations in the wake of emerging technologies.


Our Story

How can I calculate credit risk transparently, sustainably and scalably?

The traditional financial methods couldn’t answer this question – that’s why we built Emerald Rating

Imagine a world with a globally recognized Swiss credit rating methodology at your fingertips
Imagine a world where credit management meets transparency
Imagine a world where credit management meets sustainability
Imagine a world with growth without additional resources
Imagine a world without insolvencies and bankruptcies
Just imagine…

That world already exists!

Our Why

Emerald Rating exists to create a more transparent and sustainable world through scalable credit management.

Our Vision

To make the B2B world more transparent in terms of credit risk

Our Mission

To work with entegrity and respect for people and nature on innovative solutions for our stakeholders

Our Background

Back in 2015 the book ‘Credit Risk Management – Code of Best Practice’ was published, originally in German. Because of positive feedback It was launged in English two years later. Importantly the book describes how to setup a state of the art credit management in a company. It includes a standard credit policy and procedures, standard agreements, key performance indicators, credit risk scoring models, reporting instruments, sources of information, and definitions.

The book and content has since become the standard teaching reference of the Association of Credit Management Switzerland. In the meantime the book is recognized as one of the “must read” publications in this global field. Elements of the books sections, and further research, are the foundation of the Emerald Rating methodology.

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Credit Risk Management - Code of Best Practice


The book describes a credit risk scoring model in particular, which is the fundamental basis for the scoring model used by Emerald Rating. The idea now from an efficiency gain perspective is to let the business partner who is requesting a credit limit for being served by its supplier or receiving money from a lender, entering it’s financial information into the scoring model without entering the name and address of the company.

The scoring output together with the financial statement information is then given to the supplier’s/ lender’s credit decision maker for review of correctness and finally making the credit decision.