Service Offering

What is Emerald Rating?

Emerald Rating is a robo-advisor with platforms to evaluate the credit risk for your customers and suppliers. In other words, the risk if your business partners are financially viable enough not to go bankrupt.

What is a Robo-Advisor?

A robo-advisor gives financial advice without human interaction accept the input that the user provides. The robo-advisor uses a financial-mathematical model to convert financial data into meaningful key-performance indicators and summarize it to a risk class and credit limit suggestion, in this case.

Who should use these services?

Every company has suppliers and customers. All need to understand what the risk is if a business partner goes bankrupt. Sometimes small things become a large issue. This should be detected and mitigated beforehand.

How does it work?

You go to the platform of your need (Customer Risk Evaluation, Supplier Risk Evaluation, Going Concern Valuation, Share Price Evaluation), and start the engine in your web browser. It will ask you to enter financial statement data and business partner environment data. Providing most relevant data is on you. You will not be asked to enter company name and address. After paying the fee it will give you the result including a comprehensive report as PDF. An example you can find on every product platform page.

Who can I contact if I need help?

You can contact us through our Contact Form and we will answer you instantly. This inbox is monitored daily.

Do you have a user manual?

Yes. If you go to each of the product platforms, you will see a link at the lower end of the page leading you to the user manual. Alternatively, you can select the same from the menu bar.

How do I pay for the service?

After entering the financial data and before receiving the output report, you will be asked to pay through the payment gateway Mollie, which provides the most of the payment methods that are available today.

Where can I find more information?

If you want to gain more in-depth financial knowledge to better understand what portfolio risk is, which is valid for your customer and supplier portfolio, as well as your shares and if you want to acquire a company, then you can use our Knowledge Center to read articles and definitions.

Where can I find information about the economic conditions of the countries in which my customers and suppliers are located?

You find this in a separate page called Bankruptcies and GDP Annual Growth Rate Reports

How is Emerald Rating addressing sustainability, scalability and transparency?

Sustainability: Emerald Rating runs its servers with alternative energy sources. Emerald Rating facilities produce its energy from photovoltaic and we are proud to say that we produce more than we need. Emerald Rating offers a Tax Rate Multiplier Model for governments to combine it with current tax systems in order to drive behavior in balancing the exploitation of our planet.

Scalability: Emerald Rating brings in best practice credit management to your company. It makes business processes efficient and reduces your fix cost. This improves the cost position in comparison with your competitors.

Transparency: Classic service providers show the outcome of their analysis but they don’t show the way how they got there. This is important to understand the reasons why a rating resulted in a certain outcome. Only then the business partner is able to strengthen its strength’ and weaken its weaknesses.

Which business model is Emerald Rating using and what makes the model unique?

Emerald Rating’s business model is to be the FinTech market leader to make the B2B world more transparent in terms of credit risk by offering scalable, transparent, intuitive, confidential, industry proven and sustainable solutions to our clients. We accelerate business processes with robo-advisory platforms and best practice processes.

How does Emerald Rating help businesses grow?

There are two points here. First, we put you in an improved cost position, which if you pass it on, can increase your market share. Second, with the knowledge of the default risk of your business partner, you are enlightened what the reason for certain concerns are, and you will be able to address this with your business partners, deepen your relationship, and work with them together on improving their und your risk position. In other words, when others stop doing business on open terms with your client, you can validate much better if you want to take the risk.

How does Emerald Rating evaluate credit risk across countries? Does the robo-advisor platform offer a universal credit scoring or does it offer a credit risk evaluation aligned with country’s regulations?

Emerald Rating calculates the credit default risk based on financial statement figures and business partner environment information. Latter one includes country risk. Nevertheless, we encourage you to build up a reporting on open accounts receivables that shows your outstanding position for each country. Following the portfolio risk approach, you can limit the outstanding position of a country to a percent of total and preferably put high risk business partners on secured payment terms.

Who should work with Emerald Rating?

Emerald Rating is a global company. We are working with all companies from all industries, sizes and countries. We help you segmenting your business partner portfolio in order to understand where you should sell up or sell down. It drives risk down and growth opportunities up.