“I couldn’t believe that the value of our company would be at this level” – CEO of a Medium Size Retailer

Do you want to know the fundamental value of your own company to sell it, or of the company that you intend to acquire?

Push the ‘Start’ button and enter balance sheet and profit-loss statement data for the most recent two years.

Outcome is a comprehensive financial analysis including the going concern value.

Use this information to either improve the financial performance of your company, or understand the fundamental value of the company you want to buy

In the most of the cases small and medium size companies come to such a point, when the CEO of the company wants to retire and looks for a successor.

In a world of publicly traded companies, the board of directors will appoint a news CEO. This might not be the case for smaller companies. The CEO and leadership team need to discuss what is the way for the company’s best interest by going through this change.

It calls for a Due Diligence activity. The question will come up what the new CEO has to pay to the old CEO based on the due diligence analysis.

  • But what is the value of the company based on their financial statements today?
  • Can this be a starting point for further activities?
  • Can we do this well ahead the negotiation process with the new CEO to improve the own position?
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