Credit Risk Assessment Sonova Switzerland

Overall risk score is 75, which is medium risk in the upper quartile to low risk starting with 80. Profitability is excellent and liquidity and financial leverage balance with room for pulling additional debt in turbulent times. Environement risk is balanced. ESG research did not come up with negative information. Positive is that Sonova published a Corporate Social Responsibility report. Share price is slightly overvalued, which results from investors changing portfolio structure to ESG driven companies that are outperforming.


General Information

Sonova, headquartered in Stäfa, Switzerland, is a leading provider of innovative hearing care solutions. The group operates through its core business brands Phonak, Unitron, Hansaton, Advanced Bionics and AudioNova. They reach their consumers through multiple channels; this diversity lets them benefit from our broad range of solutions – hearing aids, cochlear implants, wireless communication products, digital solutions, and professional audiological care – in the way that best suits their individual needs.

Founded in 1947, the group is currently present in over 100 countries across the globe, has a workforce of over 15,000 dedicated employees and generated sales of CHF 2.92 billion in the financial year 2019/20 as well as a net profit of CHF 490 million.. Across all businesses Sonova pursues its vision of a world where everyone enjoys the delight of hearing and therefore lives a life without limitations.



No negative entries through Google search

Sonova published Corporate Social Responsibility Report (positive).


Full Report







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